Some experts who provide gambling tricks improve the theory of “most often drawn lottery numbers”. People who have faith in the analysis of this theory draw ancient lottery numbers. They add up all the sums and choose the most interesting numbers. The most attractive are considered “very hot.” The theory is the fact that because they were drawn to the maximum in recent years they will soon be attracted to the maximum possible from the future. That usually means that you will have better prospects of winning the jackpot using sexy numbers. Did this idea work? Read on to find out

To see if the “most exciting” lottery number theory works, all you need to do is examine past drawings to determine whether the “hot” numbers in a given season will be “hot” the following year. So, for example, we can consider each of the Powerball attractions for the 2008 calendar year and determine which numbers are drawn the most. If the numbers are taken to the max again in ’09, then a theory can maintain the Situs Casino Bet88 belief .

I actually did a test to find out what the maximum number of Powerball draws was for 2008 and 2009. Back in 2008, they were 20, 32, and forty-nine. In ’09 they were 14, 4 1, fifty. Which usually means that in one play with attractive numbers from 2008, they are no longer attractive in 2009. You are not going to win with those numbers. Therefore, the idea has no credence.

There are many gambling tips when it comes to lotteries. A lot of work. Some obviously don’t, as is the case with this “most frequently drawn number” theory. Make sure you do a little analysis before getting any lottery betting advice you can get.